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March 24, 2001

Lady First-Love,

It's been two years since the first time you crossed my path. Damn, two years. Two years, and I still get images conceived those first days that my heart started beating at a different tune. Hmm, that heart of mine, poor fella didn't even know what hit him. For the first time ever, he was in agreement with my eyes, I had found someone to love.

Recall those first few moments we spent together? Recall how Leslie and I would simulate a fight, and then you'd come to rescue my dignity and say something to the effect of, "hmm, single man now?" Oh, that was my favorite part of playing the break-up game with Leslie. Great feeling it was to see you, a girl I could fall in love with, showing interest in me. What else could I have asked for?

However, I did ask for more. Although I was in a relationship, and never before had I felt tempted to sin, once your existence was acknowledged my principles succumbed. Leslie and I took different paths, and on the path I took, you were seen holding a happy man's hand; my own. For months, I was blessed with the happiness that only mutual love engenders.

But what is life if not puppeteer of our emotions? As is standard procedure, fate had established a beginning and an end. The inevitable end, bearing inevitable pain, almost made of the remainder of my life a preferably evitable experience. I wanted to live no more. I felt my share of happiness had ran out, that I had to wait another lifetime to reunite strength and once more climb the hill of love.

Needless to say, here I am. I'm neither the happy man of two days ago, nor the miserable man of yesterday. I am the man who has chosen to believe that whether you're with me or not, for the sake of those I love, including myself, I must accept my fate, however unjust. But hey, just in case fate will consider mending its evil ways, I dedicate a song to you... "Someday, We'll Be Together"...

Leaving It To Fate,
Fidencio Quiterio

Someday We'll Be Together
Diana Ross & The Supremes

Someday we'll be together
Say, say, say it again
Someday we'll be together
Oh, yeah, oh yeah

You're far away
From me my love
And just as sure my, my baby
As there are stars above
I wanna say, I wanna say, I wanna say

Someday we'll be together
Yes we will, yes we will
Say, someday (some sweet day) we'll be together
I know, I know, I know, I know

My love is yours, baby
Oh, right from the stars
You, you, you posses my soul now honey
And I know, I know you own my heart
And I wanna say:

Someday we'll be together
Some sweet day we'll be together
Yes we will, yes we will
Someday (tell everybody) we'll be together
Yes we will, yes we will

Long time ago
My, my sweet thing
I made a big mistake, honey
I said, I said goodbye
Oh, oh baby
Ever, ever, ever since that day
Now, now all I wanna do is cry, cry

Hey, hey, hey
I long for you every night
Just to kiss your sweet, sweet lips
Hold you ever, ever so tight
And I wanna say

Someday we'll be together
Yes we will, yes we will...

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