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There is a nutty mofo driving down the California Interstate 5 and Highway 99 at speeds between 85 and 105 mph. The week before he had met this girl online and now he was on his way to meeting her in person. The driving-directions he had obtained from a website stated that the trip would last three and a half hours. He had been driving for like 45 mins and then he thought, "WTF AM DOING???" Another thought followed, "hmm, she's 18 years of age, 5'3" and 112 pounds." The question had vanished out of his mind.

Even though the dude was driving through unknown territory all along, he managed to get to the "blue house in front of a church". He fixed himself up a bit. Got out of the car. Nervously walked toward the house, wondering if he could turn around and run away without being seen. He knocked on the door. No answer. Then he knocked again. A 12 year old girl opens up. He explains who he is and who he's looking for. He's told that the girl he's looking for is getting ready. He nods and walks away from the door. He kickbacks in the hood... killing time.

The door is opened again... a thin girl wearing a red tank-top, dark-blue jeans, and white shoes comes out. They approach one another. Not being sure how to react, they just smile at each other and shake hands. Hehe, the WILD STALLION and the BABYGIRL (that was her screenname) had become two strangers in the middle of nowhere. Man, were they nervous or what!

They kept a distance. Three feet apart and nothing was going to make them come closer. Then he suggested they go to the liquor store. The four kids staring at them through her house's window were making him uncomfortable. :)

When they returned from the liquor store, she invited him to the porch. There were two chairs. Once again, 3 feet apart. They talked. They were starting to feel more comfie. He made her smile once in a while. Mmhmm, he did. :)

Her mother returned from the store. They were introduced. Then the father returned from work. They were introduced. The hermit was actually socializing. Giving and receiving smiles from total strangers.

So they kickedback in the porch. Her parents were not going to let the newly-acquainted friends go farther than the eye could see. The hours passed. He'd stare at her for long seconds. She'd return the favor. He wanted to touch her, but there was always the risk of her parents popping-out of a window and saying, "ahem, you two are getting too friendly."

And then it got dark. :) They held each other's hand. They'd rub and marvel. It felt great, but they wanted more. They'd turn their heads toward the window, checking to see if there was anybody in the living room that could see them. They did that several times, until they could control themselves no more, and boom, the first hug. Short hugs, since the dude was well aware that her father owned himself a gun. :)

Holding hands led to hugs, and hugs led to kisses. That's how they spent their first evening together. The dude returned the following weekend, and the weekends after, for a total of four visits. They had known each other for five weeks when she had to travel to Mexico to visit some relatives. She returned a month later. So much had happened in that month. There was no longer an interest in meeting again...

A couple of months passed before the dude would meet his second "victim". (Hehe, just a word. :) They had met online a couple of months before but hadn't really talked beyond a "hi" and "bye". The last three weekends were different. They had kickedback online for hours, back to back. They had also talked on the phone from 10:30 at nite to 2:45 in the morning. They were learning more and more of one another. And then came the suggestion to meet. The girl would be in town visiting her relatives. Would they pass up the opportunity to meet? Of course not... :)

Thursday nite... they talked on the phone and made plans to meet. She'd go to Universal studios on Friday evening with her sister and some friends, and afterwards, late at nite, she'd come by his house to meet him. Everything was settled.

And then came Friday evening... at around 8pm he receives a call. It was the girl calling from her cellular phone telling him that there had been a change of plans. She'd come over and meet him, and then she'd head out to Universal Studios with her friend and sister. His house was on the way there, so she did not see why it'd be impossible to meet and talk for a few mins and then return later on the nite for the official visit. Being the sissy that he is, he said it'd be a bad idea.

After ten minutes on the phone, she says to him, "Oh my God, is that you running into your house??" No, it wasn't him, but he did see the same person running. The girl was in the neighborhood, they were only an eyesight away.

A white car passed by. Made a U-turn at the corner. It stopped in front of his house. Mmmhmm, it was her, alright. :) She got out of the car, stood between the opened door and the driver's seat, facing his house. She told him to come out from wherever he was. The dude wasn't ready to meet her. He was wearing his geekiest clothes, they were dirty from a tough day at work, needed to comb his hair, shave, and brush his teeth. Not even a fire would get his arse out of the house. He was determined to meet her later on the nite, and not a second before. She threatened to come knock on his house's door if he wouldn't come out and meet her. Nope, that didn't work. She should have been told that she was dealing with the most stubborn mofo she had ever met. She insisted. Now she was showing her stubborn side. He was given no choice but to make a threat of his own.... He threatened to get in the shower fully clothed and not come out until she was gone... he even started to walk toward the shower. She then gave up, and drove away. As she drove away, he was laughing at himself for the biggest act of cowardice he had ever displayed.

Lucky for him, girls are of a forgiving nature. She called later on the nite and told him she'd be there in a few mins. She arrived. He walked outside to meet her. She got off her car. Walked toward each other. Gave each other a hug. Backed off. They talked for a few mins. She made a comment about his house. He asked if she was ready for the tour. They headed toward his room.

Once inside his room, they talked some more. She sat on his bed. She asked him to play that CD he was playing over the phone the day before. A sad song came on, and her smile disappeared. She had become serious. They continued talking. Out of nowhere, he thought she asked him why he was so distant. He told her that he was distant because he was giving her all the space she'd need... that he wanted to hug her but was controlling his needs. She gave him the "go ahead" signal, and he sat next to her. He held her... she placed her head on his shoulder. They continued talking.

She got up, and looked around his room. The room, usually a pigsty, was fairly clean. He stood up. Sat on his desk. She wounded up in his arms. He held her. Then came the first kiss. It was more of a peck on her cheek. They'd smile at one another and continue talking. Then they found themselves being part of a cockfight. The pecking was now mouth-to-mouth and neither would let the other crown himself/herself the winner.

Then they heard the car's honk horn. Her sister and friend had been waiting inside the car for the past 30 mins. It was time for her to go. They gave each other a hug and they agreed to see each other later on the nite, after she dropped off her sister and friend. She'd call him to let him know if she was coming back or not. It depended on how tired they were, and whether or not she could get away from her protective brother. She left. He watched some T.V. with the phone at hand's reach. After 30 mins of waiting, he fell asleep.

The next morning, she called him up. He asked her what had happened. She asked him the same. She said she called 45 mins after she left his house, but nobody answered the phone. She was on her way out on a family outing. They hanged up and agreed to contact each other later in the evening.

For some reason, the dude was expecting her that evening. He called her up at around 10pm. She was driving somewhere and he could hear peepz in her car. He asked her where she was, and when she was coming. Surprised, she asked, "we agreed to meet tonight?? I thought we agreed that I'd call you after your soccer game, and I did call you but u were not home. I can't come see you tonight, I'm with my friends. I don't think you'd wanna kick it with us, so..." The dude was both sad and embarrassed. Mostly embarrassed. They said their byes and hanged up.

The next morning, sunday, she called up again. They talked for a few mins, and once more, their call was interrupted cause she had to go.

He heard from her again in the evening. She said that she had managed to escape from her family, and asked if she could come see him. He agreed, still embarrassed about the nite before.

They met each other outside his house. It was raining, so they saved the chitchat and he invited her into the living room. She came in. He introduced her to some of his family members. They talked some more. It was another short visit... her sister was waiting for her in the car... and her relatives were waiting at home. They gave each other a final hug, and byebye she went...

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