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February 18, 2001

Grieving Heart,

It is time to heal and seal the wound. Your past love must remain that; a thing of the past. You must cease to live under the illusion that she'll be yours once more. You waited for her twice as long as your relationship endured. That is not sane. It only replicated your pain, and at the same time pushed away potential lovers. Potential lovers whom given the opportunity, could have shown you a new way of loving. Possibly a deeper form of love.

You well know that never in the past have we been in the position of going after a girl. Somehow, we've minded our bussiness and it was our good luck that one or two have come our way. This time we must be the ones to set the tone. In doing so, we shall see results before we're consumed by hopelessness. You see, heart, those who embrace their pain, instead of making efforts to repulse it, have no future other than a devastating one. That could be our story, we better fix the plot.

When we go looking for the next girl to love, we must aim at getting someone who will love us back. There's no use in spending time kicking back with a person who will not appreciate us. Of course, we must not experiment and accept just anyone who shows interest. Lets set a standard; the girl should be morally and academically educated, sweet, honest, faithful, loving, sincere, open-minded, and she must have a sense of humor. In exchange, we shall offer her those characteristics above and make her sole heir of further attributes she unveils in us.

When we find her, lets not be afraid to show her love. We must immediately work on making her our own. Lets diminish the risk of someone else coming and snatching her away from us. We must instantly let it be known that she interests us and we want to make of her our queen. I suggest we buy her flowers, take her out to special places, write her love poems and letters, laugh when she laughs, cry when she does, but above all, love her as she has never been loved. We must give her reason to believe we exist to adore her. If we succeed, she'll have no choice but reciprocate our feelings.

Hey heart, I must admit, before our first love came along, I didn't even know if you had a purpose. To me, you were just there, like the moon is there, without apparent cause or motive. Now that I know of the influence you have in my mental state, I implore you to help me find spiritual satisfaction. If we succeed, I guarantee that we'll never again have to make of deceitful thoughts our source of contentment...

Counting On You,
Fidencio Quiterio

P.S: First Love, I'm sorry to break my promise. I still deem you supernatural, but I'm not the world's most patient and understanding man, after all.

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