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When I cease to be... my final wish will be for fate to grace my family, specially my parents. My parents shall be told that I lived beyond my desire to live in my attempt to care for them when they no longer were able to care for themselves.

When I fade away... I'll ask life to make sure an Enid always remembers me as the man who'd have given her the world, had it been his to give.

When my heart beats no more... my best friend, Barry, shall visit my grave and touch my tombstone, reminiscing the great moments we shared in the decade(s) we knew each other, even though our friendship was not adorned with the socializing-rituals ordinary friendships involve.

When my soul becomes surrounded by silence and darkness... the people who offered me their friendship shall remember me as the friend who loved being so.

When I turn to dust... the children who made a hobby out of my job shall turn to each other and remember the "teacher" who did the silliest things to steal a smile from their faces.

But I'm not to go yet, I'm still around...

As long as I'm around... my family, specially my parents, will have someone to count on in their times of utter need.

As long as my heart is capable of loving... an Enid shall not live an instant unloved.

As long as blood runs through my veins... my best friend, Barry, shall shake my hand and feel the intensity of our friendship.

As long as I am alive... I shall remain friends with those who've blessed me with their friendship.

As long as my eyes can see... I shall make it my goal to mold a smile on the faces of my students.

But when my time comes, in my last instants alive, my heart shall break into indivisible pieces and those pieces shall go and implant themselves on the being of those I care for. Then, as my spirit is abandoning my body, the particles that once made up my heart will reconvene to generate a blessed version of my heart for me to take to my next life so that I can always remember you all: my family, an Enid, Barry, my friends, and "my children"...

Your Son, Brother, Former Lover, (Best) Friend, and Teacher,
Fidencio Quiterio
April 30, 2001

"If there's anything that you want,
If there's anything I can do,
Just call on me and I'll send it along
With love, from me, to you."
--The Beatles

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